OMG, OMilk is Omazing

Sorry.  Too much alliteration, I know, but I can’t help it;  I was so jazzed to find freshly made nut milks with no horrible additives for a change when I stopped into the Forager’s Market last week, I just had to share this with you!

Nearly every time I come across an almond ‘milk’ or coconut or whatever the ‘milk’ may be, it’s chock full of a whole host of unfavorable ingredients that I wouldn’t recommend touching with a ten foot pole.

According to their site, OMilk is “a scrumptious, healthful and totally natural way of getting your milk fix without the dairy.”

Check out the ingredients in all four varieties:

  • Cashew Classic made with Madagascar vanilla bean, unfiltered – enjoy this milkshake-like treat as an afternoon snack, meal replacement or even as dessert
  • Organic Almond this is our most versatile nut milk, scarily close to the real deal. Use this on or in anything or enjoy on its own
  • Cold-Brew Coffee Almond Milk We took our refreshing almond milk and mixed in a rockin’ cold-brew coffee extract for a delicious summer pick-me-up
  • Pumpkin Pie Cashew Milk A lightly sweetened cashew milk seasoned with a blend of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and more — like Fall in a bottle!

That’s it!

No guar gum, no cane sugar, no nothing funky at all!

Now, do keep in mind that this would still be something to consider a special treat once in a while, or a good option for an endurance athlete to have after a long session, rather than something to chug down for breakfast each and every day.   

We don’t want to lose focus on the mainstay of our diets being fresh, local veg, wild proteins and natural fats, but knowing this product exists for specific occasions is quite refreshing!