Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician (460 BC – 377 BC), said it best.

Think about what you're putting in your body, every single time you eat, and think about what what that food, or NON food is going to do to your body!

Will it help it?

Or harm it?

  • If you know that it's fresh/healthy/PALEO/veg, fruit, protein or healthy fat, GO FOR IT!  It will nourish you, support your body's every system and provide you with energy to thrive!
  • If you DON'T know whether it's really FOOD and how it will affect you, then stop, wait, choose something that you KNOW will help it, research the first item you were about to eat and then make an educated decision the next time you have the opportunity to eat that item.
  • If you DO know that it's NOT a great idea to eat it and it's fried, sugar-coated, grain-based, dairy-based, legume-based or in a shiny plastic package with a cartoon on it, then PUT IT PACK and grab an apple and some turkey!

WHY would you intentionally put something in your body that you KNOW is going to be bad for it?  Would you do that to your children?  Your spouse?  Your pet?

The thinking can get so backwards; the idea that one can forge ahead eating absolutely toxic things, then experience a host of horrible consequences and then just take a pill to supress the side effects.

Just one example is a gentleman with whom I'd worked with.  He LOVED eating cheese.  He ate a LOT of cheese, very often throughout the day.  He was overweight and developed acid reflux.  He was taking a prescription for the reflux, so that he could continue to eat a lot of cheese, suffer just the onset of the symptoms quickly take a pill and then feel ok…until the next time he ate cheese.


Think, people, think..it's not rocket science.

Respect your body; you've only got one.

Please only put real food in it.