Paleo In NY- Or Any Trip, For That Matter

During a lovely Valentine's Weekend in NY (surprise gift from my darling husband!: ), I thought it would be fun to note (and photograph) just a few of the many Paleo meals I've had the chance to enjoy.   I'm always one to speak with true intention and practice what I preach; those of you who've followed my  blog for a while already know that I'll sometimes put myself purposely in precarious situations to illustrate to you that going on a trip, going out to dinner or taking a vacation does NOT have to mean you're forced to go NonPaleo!

In chronological order…

My meal on the plane- Salmon Salad Nicoise – all I had to do was eschew the green beans and potato and I had a lovely meal!


One of my fave snacks, a raw bell pepper.  I have begun to embrace and welcome the looks I get when I'm crunching away…


In our hotel lounge; snack while working:  tuna sashimi with lime (hold the ponzu!) and gai lan (Chinese Broccoli) with garlic & olive oil (hold the soy!: ) and a cuppa green tea…


Quick lunch at one of NY's many hole-in-the-wall but fabulous Italian Ristorantes- grilled chicken atop salad, side of sauteed garlic spinach


And breakfast, post run on hotel tread- egg white veg omelette with berries.  Note the butter- that was for the FOUR pieces of toast that came with the meal, despite my request for no bread, please…. 


Enough said.. If you can make it (PALEO) there, you can make it (Paleo) ANYWHERE, as Frank Sinatra said.. well, kinda!