Paleo Superbowl- Is It Possible?

Indeed, it is. In fact, I’ve written a few posts on this very topic, but before I do so for this year’s event, I’d like to get some feedback from you, my readers!

What dish do you feel is a must-have at your Superbowl Party this year?  Go ahead, give me your best shot and I’ll do my best to offer a Paleoista alternative.

Whether it’s that plate of nachos drenched in Velveeta or hot wings from your fave fast food place, I can help by offering Paleo alternatives.

Let’s be creative here; don’t just sent the name of the food, think about what it is you like about it.  Is it the crunch? Is it the salt?  The smell?

Addressing the different components helps to find healthy, and natural substitutes, rather than just going all Faux Paleo about it…

Email me and let’s address this!