Paleoista Approved at Chipotle

Being able to grab something quickly and cost effectively is something that is a key component for many in terms of being able to stay True to Paleo for the long run. Along with that comes knowing where we can safely eat without fear of being ‘glutened’ or eating hidden soy, dairy or other unfavorable allergens. Chipotle is one such place. Ditch the burrito, stick to the ‘bol’ and opt for the veggies in place of the beans and rice, then choose your proteins, chicken, pork or steak and you’ve got a pretty Paleo meal. Beyond the food, I was very impressed when  yesterday, I popped in to the Chipotle across from my studio and asked my usual questions before ordering. Not only did the staff know exactly what I was talking about, they knew which dishes had soy and which were gluten free! Plus, a quick glimpse at their website shows their standards in sourcing their ingredients: local, organic and responsible. For all intents and purposes- go for it.  When you’re on the go and haven’t brought your lunch, snack or dinner (breakfast too, if they were open earlier!) with you, it’s a very viable option for a quick meal. Kudos, Chipotle!