Part Time Paleo? Part Time Vegan? Huh?

Yesterday, I noticed an interesting entry on a menu at a local cafe.  

It was a tagline alluding to the concept of “Part Time Vegan” which brought to mind the reference of “VB6”- an eating approach recommending that one adhere to a vegan diet prior to 6pm every day.

Are any of these a good approach?

It depends.

If you’re coming from an eating plan involving lots of processed, packaged, refined foods and you adopt the principles of either an accurate vegan or Paleo approach (both of which, by the way, should involve plenty of fresh vegetables when implemented properly), then it could well be seen as a step in the right direction.

Some clients have mentioned that following a ‘part time’ eating plan of any nature is helpful as it brings awareness and accountability to what otherwise might be a day of haphazard eating with no structure or plan.

If, however, you’re following Paleo because you’re looking to decrease autoimmune symptoms, clear your acne or reduce migraine headache, giving yourself a free for all every evening after 6 isn’t going to help much.

My recommendation would be to find your path to True Paleo, whether it’s an immediate, 100% approach or more of an ease-into-it style, then give it a full month to allow your body to adjust and see how good it really feels.

Then, you decide.   Is it worth having a bloated stomach from the ice cream you ate at 7pm?  Or a migraine headache and joint pain from the bread you had with your meal at 8:30?

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows how your body feels when you eat certain foods, or choose to avoid them.  

Personally, I prefer to proactively stay away from anything I know will make me feel ill; it’s just not worth it…but it’s always your call!