Peanuts…The Sneaky Little Guys Are Everywhere!

We know peanuts are not Paleo; they’re a legume, not a nut.   We go out of our way to not eat them, and then, they turn up sometimes in the most unlikely places!

They’re in salad dressings, ‘energy bars’, commercially prepared trail mixes (another reason not to buy them) and even in pet treats (really?).

Even in foods that do not contain peanuts themselves, if we’re diligent about our label reading, we’ll often find peanut oil in an otherwise Paleo friendly food, such as the peanut oil-coated pecans I mentioned the other day.

If you stop to consider how many people are allergic to peanuts these days as illustrated by things like ‘peanut free zones’ in schools, it may hopefully make you think twice about whether they’re really something you want to be eating.

Kind of the same thing as the sheer number of people that ‘cannot digest the lactose in milk’ (hello, none of us can) so take a supplement – ‘enriched’ milk to allow them to continue to chug down the bovine bodily fluids like nobody’s business.

Peanuts are nothing more than an inexpensive filler that none of us need to be eating.

Swap it out easily for raw almond butter in your smoothies, for fresh avocado spread on celery and carrots or for a scoop of coconut oil on baked yams for a pre endurance snack.

According to Wikipedia, peanuts are also used in a wide variety of other areas, such as cosmetics, plastics, dyes and paints.

I don’t need any further convincing!