Perfectly Paleo Peppers

No one looks twice if you choose an apple from the farmer’s market, give it a quick rinse and eat it, as is.  Nor do they bat an eyelash if you do the same with a bunch of grapes. So why is it that whenever I do the same with a crisp, bell pepper, it always warrants a double take? I don’t mind; actually now it’s kind of funny! But think about it- it’s totally commonplace to eat the very same pepper cut into strips, either on their own, or atop a green salad. A great source of carotenoids, higher in Vitamin C than citrus fruits and rich in anti oxidants, they provide a wide range of health benefits to accompany their refreshing taste. Roasting this fruit is an easy option to bring out its naturally smoky flavor, too.  The simplest way to do it it to put it on top of an open flame, turning frequently with tongs allowing it to blister evenly. If you prefer a milder flavor, just take the seeds out before you begin to cook it. After it’s evenly blistered,  place it inside a paper bag and fold it over, allowing it to steam for ten to fifteen minutes.  Then, remove it from the bag and when it’s cool enough to handle, scrape off the charred bits. The rest is up to you:  eat it as is, dice it up and serve it on a salad or puree it with olive oil, garlic and herbs for a delish Paleo dip for crudités. Or, go the route I tend to do- just rinse it off and take a bite raw!