Pfizer Settles A Drug Marketing Case for $491 Million

I’m not about to report on the details of how Pfizer settled criminal and civil charges over the illegal marketing of a kidney transplant drug.

I’m more drawn to the figure of $491 Million.

As well as the last sentence in the article that refers to the fact that ‘Pfizer’s second- quarter revenue fell 7%, down to $12.97 Billion from $13.97 Billion the same time last year‘.

Think about that money.

Imagine if the same amount was spent on a combination of educating people on how to make healthy eating choices as well as actually subsidizing programs allowing for people of all incomes to have access to fresh, healthy, real foods?

But that would be bad business practice.  One needn’t have an MBA to understand the basic principle that the last thing any company would ever want to do is tell its customers that there are other things they might be interested in, instead of what they sell, that would actually be better for them in the long run.

From a money making standpoint, their model is a proven success.  Create a product that people will not only think they want, but will grow to actually chemically need and beyond that, make it dangerous for them to stop taking it on their own accord.   Make it so valuable to the consumer that they rank it at the number one priority, despite what their income may be, and make it the one thing they would not even consider going without.   Don’t tell them that there are other options, and get professionals on board to support what you’re telling them and, why not give them a cut of the profit for their help.

I wish I were describing some corrupt scene from a mob movie.

Alas, I’m talking about our health care system.

What’s the answer?

If only there were a simple and straightforward one.  All I can say is whatever we are doing at the moment, or not doing, for that matter, leaves a huge amount to be desired.

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Please share!  I’d like to believe that if there are enough of us, we can collaborate and come up with something!