Post Race Paleo Fuel… No Bagels, Thank You!

Something I've written about before….

How nice would it be if we Paleo triathletes finished a race and were welcomed at the finish line with a plethora of paleo-approved recovery food?   Freshly baked yams with some salt, our choice of cantaloupe & pineapple melon, HOMEBREW recovery drink made to order…

Yes, I'm dreaming!  

All too often, we're greeted with trays of pretzels, cookies, bagels (I've even done races where they served milk and cheese afterwards….)

Yesterday at Big Kahuna, it was nice to have a variety of fresh fruits; also the option to have a Paleo Taco (they were serving choice of steak or chicken breast, grilled peppers & onions- quite easy to skip the tortillas).

Must write a quick note to race organizer to acknowledge and praise the foods that they included which did make for an easier bite to eat versus waiting til we had left the race and needed to search out fuel!