Putting That Coconut Milk to Use

As regular readers of this blog are aware, I conducted my first coconut milk yogurt trial last week, which resulted in… slightly sour, runny sort-of coconut yogurt (but still dairy and soy-free, nonetheless!)

So, what to do with 2 qts of the stuff?

-I used some to make a smoothie for myself and my husband a few hours (and well into Stage V Recovery, where the fat in the coconut milk is warranted) after a long ride on Sunday.

-A few spoonfuls makes a nice topping for fresh berries

-Half of what's left is allocated to the beginning of what will be a marinade for some skin-in, bone-in chicken breasts.   Recipes that call for, as an example, Greek Yogurt, as a marinade for chicken can be easily altered into a Paleo-friendly version this way.  Yes, the taste is, well, coconut-y, BUT, so delish!

-Finally, what is then left will be made into a curry for red snapper, with the addition of some Indian Spices…

You won't see any food wasted if I have anything to say about it!