Room Service, Please

You’re on vacation and taking advantage of the rare opportunity to sleep in a little.  You love the idea of  partaking of the decadence of room service for breakfast, but a quick glance at the menu quickly forces a change of heart.

Amongst all the offerings of pancakes, waffles, house made granola with milk and a continental breakfast with croissants and orange juice, it seems quite clear that there’s no way you’ll be able to stay true to your Paleo regime if you proceed down this path.

Or is there?

Yes, indeed.

Finding eggs on a the breakfast menu is extremely easy, as well as veggies which are often presented as an omelet.  Tomato is typical as are sides of fresh fruit and sometimes even a steak and eggs option.

With just a little bit of asking questions and being creative, you can certainly dine in, Paleo style without having to take even a little step off your True Paleo path.

Who wants to start the day on vacation with a stomach ache or migraine after eating the wrong foods?  No need!  Now, enjoy that breakfast!