Sausage & Peppers

Try this lower-in-saturated-fat version than the traditional recipe for a classic Italian Favorite!

No, I'm not suggesting you eat nitrite or nitrate-filled, high-sodium pork sausage on a regular basis!  However, there are a few really clean choices out there now for turkey sausages with zero additives, but loads of flavor!  I picked up a package at Whole Foods just the other day and am preparing this dish for dinner this very night!

Saute red & green bell peppers (as long as you don't follow an Auto Immune diet- in which case- choose some other veggies!) with yellow onion in olive oil in a cast iron skillet.  Meanwhile, make your salad and get some greens ready for steaming!   Shortly before you're due to serve the meal, add sliced (pre-cooked) turkey sausage (I like the sun-dried tomato version in particular) and light the gas under the veggies.

Voila- enjoy a healthy twist on this Euro standby!