Seasonal Allergies Getting to You?

Does the idea of nixing the inhalers, pills and  fear of going outdoors and subsequent fear of exposure to pollen appeal to you?  Cut the gluten and dairy!

If you’re not following the true Paleo diet, there’s a good chance your  body is at least somewhat inflamed and, as a result, far more likely to be hypersensitive to pollen, dust, dog hair and cat dander.

Incidentally, when I mention the ‘true’ Paleo diet, I’m referring to a healthy balance of veggies at every meal, along with lean, wild protein and natural fat from avocado, olive oil or coconut (or raw nuts on occasion), not some of the new versions that are popping up in which people are subsisting on all kinds of processed concoctions made of derivatives of food that are, or used to be, Paleo but have been taken out of context.

In other words, if you’re getting up and making “Paleo pancakes” for breakfast every morning out of almond flour, coconut flakes, honey and eggs, then snacking on packaged bars sold as Paleo which actually contain whey, eating “Paleo Lasagna” with grass-fed cheese (reminder- dairy is not Paleo) and a bacon burger for dinner and barely any veggies all day long…first of all, it’s missing the whole point of Paleo which is to mimic the way our ancestors ate, and secondly, while it’s certainly better than a diet in which people don’t pay any attention to what they put in their bodies and end up at a fast food joint, it’s not actually reflective of Paleo in its true essence.

So, if you’re tired of having to rely on meds that make you sleepy every spring, give true Paleo a try for a month and don’t be surprised if those life long allergies disappear!

Each meal should be made up of plenty of fresh, local veggies (yes, even breakfast), some protein and a little fat.  Use that as your template for a small meal, several times each day, and save those ‘treats’ mentioned above for only once in a rare while, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success!