So Delicious Coconut Milk is So Not Paleo

And neither is Silk brand, either, alas…

It would be quite handy if they were, but unfortunately both contain guar gum, a bean derivative, as well as carageenan gum, made from seaweed in a multi-step chemical process, both used as stabilizers and both high in anti nutrients which wreak havoc on your GI tract.

What are your options, then?

If you have access to fresh coconuts at your local market, or better yet, if you’re in a tropical area and can procure them from a local tree, you’re in the best case scenario.

Most of us, however, are not living in a tropical paradise.  That does not mean that we cannot have coconut and coconut products, though.  

I’ve written about the Let’s Do Organic brand before, and it’s still one that I’d suggest giving a try when in a pinch (or when you’re not on vacation with a palm tree out your bedroom window!).

Their coconut products contain just coconut, so give them a whirl!