Soggy, Slimy Lettuce? Go FRESH, Not Packaged!

It’s so convenient to pop into the store, grab a small package of organic, pre-washed greens, add some healthy protein and enjoy a quick meal on the go. I suggest it to clients and I do it myself, in a pinch. But there’s a downside, apart from the cost, and the packaging…the risk of soggy, slimy greens, that you might not have noticed until you’ve left the store and it’s too late. Just the other day, it happened; I’d zipped into the market in a rush, after having been gone from home longer than expected and having run out of my homemade Paleo provisions. I checked the date on the package of baby arugula and all was well. I picked up some wild salmon, some raw walnuts and planned for a quick meal before my next meeting. Alas…when I’d left and was all set to enjoy my makeshift salad, I opened the container to find a terrible smell and slimy leaves. What happened? Lots of things could have occurred- for one, as pointed out by the cashier who helped me when I went back to the store to return the greens, since there’s been a heat wave here, it’s quite possible that during the  unloading of the greens from truck to store, they may have begun to sweat in their package, causing early spoilage. And when in doubt.. throw it out (or, actually, return it); do not risk eating it.  Many clients have reported eating veggies or fruit that they thought might be bad, because for some reason it didn’t seem as risky as eating spoiled meat. I disagree.  It’s just not worth the risk of ingesting any bacteria. If you’ve already taken a bite or two before realizing the food wasn’t good, hedge your bets for safety and take an activated charcoal tablet to help prevent an infestation in the gut from whatever creatures you may have accidentally consumed. More often than not, choose fresh leaves, not packaged, so you can see, feel and smell them to make sure they’re fresh and good to eat, and require nothing other than to be washed. You’ll save on cost, keep the planet greener by reducing the amount of plastic you use and significantly cut down the chances of eating rotten produce.