Some Crust!

OK, I get it.

You’re just not digging my suggestion to go for the naked (as in crust-less) apple, pumpkin or pecan pie?  

Feeling like without the pastry it’s just not the same.

This may be a time for the ‘substitute flours’, like almond or coconut, for example.

Once in a while, when something more decadent is in order, like a holiday, it’s not such a big deal to use one of these flours to make a psuedo cake, cookies or other concoction using Paleo ingredients.

Not so much the case for making every day ‘treats’, that you plan to snack on in place of veg with protein and fat; that’s completely missing the point of living the Paleo lifestyle.

So if you’re feeling crusty (that didn’t come out sounding the way I meant it), go ahead and grab the nut flours and bake away, knowing that you’ll have an end product closer to the original than one with no crust at all!