Spice It Up

If you’re new to Paleo and thinking your food is going to be boring without the sauces, dips and cheese you may have grown accustomed to, you’ll be happy to know that plain and Paleo do not need to go hand in hand.

In addition, you also needn’t take the route of going faux paleo and dousing your meat with a roux made with grass fed butter (dairy-not-paleo) and almond flour or creating a ‘cheese’ sauce using nutritional yeast and ground cashews to serve as a dip for crudites.


By spicing it up!

A quick trip to the Spice Market in New York’s Chelsea Market today illustrated this point beautifully.  As I wandered through as part of the shopping excursion I went on with Australian Chef Pete Evans to prepare for a cooking demo we shot later on (stay tuned for more on this in tomorrow’s post!), I felt as he said he did, ‘Like a kid in a candy store’.

Not only was there every possible spice you’d ever heard of, there was an amazing variety of worldly spice blends that you’d never dreamed of.   The colors!  The smells!  Far too many to choose from to leave with only a small container of ground cinnamon or black pepper.

In the end we opted for Sumac, which we used while preparing my signature Paleoista Truffles, the Cajun blend which worked beautifully on a blackened fish dish, the Special Salad option that imparted an extra special something on the Raw Kale Fusion and finally, the Special Red Meat- a no brainer for the grass fed meatballs we prepared to serve with spaghetti…squash.

Never feel again that you need to go the ‘plain old’ route when you can add the health-packing punch of any spice you like!