Spirulina- In Particular, A Very Important Paleo Super food

This “Super” Food is one that stands out from some of the others I’ve been writing about this week for one very important reason: it’s a great source of iodine. And, if the True Paleo regime is implemented properly, and you’re eating a wide array of all kinds of veggies, including the crucifers such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale and the like, you’re getting plenty of sulfur. In fact, it is possible to get too much sulfur, if you’re not balancing out this mineral by eating foods that are rich in iodine. Yes, sadly, there is such a thing as too much kale; excessive consumption of sulfur can lead to thyroid dysfunction. Fear not; you needn’t avoid this leafy green, and the answer is not to simply start pouring on the iodized table salt. Rather, just eat sea veggies and supply your body with iodine and keep true to that one word you’ll read time and time again on my blog: balance. Balance out all the different veggies: go seasonal, go local and go for color, and you’ll significantly decrease your chances of creating a thyroid issue from what was something that started with a very good intention. While some super foods may come across as a bunch of hype, there’s much merit to this one; a 2005 study showed:

  • Spirulina performs regulatory role on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in diabetic patients.
  • Preparations have been found to be active against several enveloped viruses including herpes virus, cytomegalovirus, influenza virus and HIV.
  • They are capable to inhibit carcinogenesis due to anti-oxidant properties that protect tissues and also reduce toxicity of liver, kidney and testes.

One thing to note- the taste is rather…distinct.  Even for me, who loves most strange concoctions involving bitter greens and garlic, it took a little getting used to.   Mix it up in a glass of water the first time you try it.  It truly is one of those rare foods that we really should be including in our regime, regularly.