Sprouts- from the Stalk to the Table….

Sprouts- a quintessential part of the Thanksgiving Table!  


Several readers asked for a sprout recipe in response to yesterday's blog.. 

Here's my favourite way to prep them:

-Steam sprouts for 12 minutes, after washing, and scoring the bottoms.

-Peel the outer, delicate leaves off and set aside.

-Chop the remaining stem and combine with shallots, fresh garlic and saute in olive oil in a skillet.

-Toss in some chopped pecans and a few dates if you fancy them!

-Right before serving, add the leaves and toss with the mixture in the skillet, just long enough to warm.

-Add a dash of freshly ground nutmeg and some white pepper.

This recipe has converted many a spout-hater into a sprout lover, and it's totally paleo!