St. Patrick’s Day- Paleo Style

 While I realize that what I’m about to write may border on blasphemy for die-hard traditionalists, as in- no potatoes, Irish Soda Bread or Beer on the 17th, it IS possible to prep it, Paleo Style, simply by sticking to some basic similar ingredients (one of which is cabbage) and themes.

Rather than Beef Brisket as the focus in Corned Beef & Cabbage with Potatoes as the Main Course, choose another, leaner cut of beef and either make a stew out of it, along with the other veggies you’d find in the real thing: onions, carrots & cabbage OR think ‘deconstruct’ and focus on similar flavors in a completely different presentation.  

Instead of the “Baked Cabbage with Bacon”, how about roasted Brussels Sprouts with diced leftover lean turkey and pecans?  

Planning on serving up some ‘Champ’ (a potato dish served with  a ‘well’ of melting butter inside)? Think cauliflower puree with black garlic, olive oil and some cayenne pepper for some heat!

As always, offer an assortment of freshly steamed veggies which pair nicely with nearly every type of regional cuisine.

Irish Cream Chocolate Mousse Cake with an Irish Coffee for dessert?  How about a focus on spring’s bounty with some poached fruit- whatever is local to you- garnished with a hint of fresh mint and a decaf espresso with a dollop of fresh coconut creme and a splash of vanilla extract?

Serve a glass of red wine as part of your celebratory dinner, in lieu of that Guinness, and your holiday meal won’t have missed a beat!