Starching Up For Training… YAMS!

If you're new to my blog, or new to The Paleo Diet, and you're an athlete, you may be wondering how to properly fuel for a workout, since many of the sports nutrition options are out as they often contain grains, dairy and legumes (like soy and peanuts).

The answer?


Yams are a great source of starch to prep those muscles for that long ride, run, swim, hike… whatever endurance activity you partake in!

I'll include yam with my dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, and with breakfast on Saturday & Sunday morning, as the weekend is normally allocated to big volume workouts, whether I'm in training for Ironman or distance running.

If I've got a particularly long ride, I'll sometimes even bring a salted yam  along with me for a little break from my carbohydrate gels. Messier than a bar in a wrapper- but a far cleaner fuel source for the body!

I'd invite even the biggest skeptics to give it a try- consuming high quality, natural food for sports nutrition is not only the best choice for your muscles, but your GI Tract will also thank you when you're out there performing at your best, rather than hurriedly making a trip to the porta-loo!

Yam it up!