Start With One Meal

Maybe you’ve begun reading about Paleo but aren’t quite sure you can comply for a whole month at 100%.   

Why not break it down and start really, really slowly?

Start with one meal, and why not make it the most important meal of the day?

Whether your norm until now has been the ‘I’m not hungry in the morning so I don’t eat breakfast’ model, the ‘I’m trying to lose weight so I save my calories up for later in the day’ approach or the ‘I start the day with a ‘healthy’ breakfast of either oatmeal with banana and soymilk’ regime, take it one little step at a time and see how you feel after one Paleo breakfast.

It needn’t be something you may view as radical.   If you feel that steak and broccoli in the morning aren’t something that suits your fancy, go with an old familiar meal that you’ve probably eaten many a time without even realizing it’s Paleo:  eggs.

Carve out an extra 15 minutes for yourself for one single day to prepare and eat a balanced, Paleo breakfast and then see how you feel afterward, and an hour later and then track when your body begins to send hunger cues for your next snack, which will likely occur some time mid morning.

How about two cage free eggs, whipped into an omelet with lots of spinach, mushrooms and avocado, cooked in a skillet with coconut oil and a small side of berries?

Notice a satisfied, yet not overly full feeling, a greater ability to focus once you get to the office and the fact that you’re not suddenly overcome by a huge blood sugar crash at 10 am sending you running to the coffee shop for a mocha latte and a muffin.

Tune in to this one small step, and let the way your body responds positively be the impetus to carry on for another meal and another, until it gradually becomes your new way of eating.

Trust me on this one!