Sugar Free

I am not referring to Splenda, Sweet & Low or Nutrasweet.

I am talking about reconditioning your taste buds and your body to not want the sweet stuff in the first place.

Cutting the sugar is hard, indeed, but it’s not hard for a long time.

If you’re a real sugar addict, you’ll likely experience headaches, severe cravings and an overall feeling of…crap, but again, all these symptoms are part of a necessary detox in order to rid your body of the drug and set yourself up for a new and improved way of eating and living.

Such as following a True Paleo regime, for example.

Now, please, hear me out.   Even if you’re a skeptic- thinking grass-fed dairy is still a good choice or on the fence about including haricot vert or lentils in your meals, there are a few things that I feel must be avoided, without any exception, and one of the top is white sugar.

While one could certainly find studies the are contrariety to some of the principles of Paleo, I challenge anyone to provide any evidence to support the idea that white sugar is a good thing to have in one’s diet…ever.

Everything in moderation?  Nonsense.   Would an alcoholic be advised to have just a little drink now and then?

Remember not to kid yourself by thinking using the fake stuff is remotely helpful; you’re still feeding the habit of thinking you ‘need something sweet’.

If you feel that awful sugar crash about to happen, don’t cave (oops- paleo pun) by feeding it with sugar.  Sugar feeds everything bad.  Sugar feeds cancer, yeast overgrowth, heart disease, headaches and does a great job at making people fat, diabetic and overall, just sick.

Reflect on what you’re eating, starting with breakfast.  

Are you too low in calories?   Have you eaten enough good fat and protein and vegetables?  Have you timed all the meals properly so as to avoid huge lapses between eating? Are you properly hydrated?  (On that note, the best way to judge hydration is to make sure your urine is clear.  The idea that every single person needs the same amount of water on a daily basis is ridiculous.   Height, weight, age, activity level, sweat rate, health conditions and medications can all affect how much water one needs to drink).

Looking at the cause of why you’re on a mission to find sugar every day, which, incidentally makes sense if you’ve starved all morning long,  rather than continuing to pile it on, is the only sure way to get out of that vicious sugar / drug cycle in the first place.

Cut it out.  Now.  Cold turkey.  A few days of feeling gross while you detox is worth a lifetime of balanced energy, improved mental focus, increased productivity and optimal health.