The Dangers of Bone Drugs…How About Keeping Your Bones Strong Naturally?

Today in the Times, there was a feature about the long term consequences of ‘bone-building’ drugs.

Apparently, long term use can lead to ‘rare but serious events such as femur fracture, esophageal cancer and crumbling of the jaw bone’.

The article goes on to discuss when these meds are prescribed and to whom, and so on.

Granted, osteopenia and osteoporosis are serious conditions indeed which are certainly not to be taken lightly.

So, here’s a novel approach:

How about preventing your bones from getting weak in the first place? 

Radical, I know.

Just think, though…if one eats a diet which is:

  • naturally high in potassium and low in sodium,
  • rich in a balanced supply of fresh vegetables, fruit, wild meats and fish and healthy fats (resulting in a net alkaline pH in the body)
  • one that eschews acidic-forming food like dairy, refined grains and legumes

A diet such as, ahem, the Paleo diet, one could actually create a strong skeleton that wouldn’t put one in a position to be a potential candidate to take these drugs in the first place!

To be clear, for those who may be new to Paleo, yes, if you were to look at meat in and of itself, for example, you would see that yes, it could be considered an ‘acidic food’ but (and this is a big old but) the beautiful thing about Paleo is that it’s a balance of  natural proteins, fats and carbohydrate resulting in an overall net alkaline diet.  

Grains, dairy and legumes, by the way, are far more acid forming than meat.

Go Paleo, keep your bones strong and let the issue of whether or not you may someday need to even consider bone-building meds and their dangerous consequences become a non issue!