The Most Natural ‘Thickener’

Blog readers and clients new to Paleo often ask me how they’re going to thicken their sauces, stews or soups since they’re no longer relying on flour.

Aside from using a reduction cooking method which works wonders for creating a sauce with more viscosity, there are ways to create a more full bodied soup.

Rather than rely on a processed, nut-based ‘flour’, which, upon being added, will also bring with it its inflammatory Omega 6s, why not add some less refined?

Enter okra.

While it may be something most commonly thought of in terms of something we’d only add to gumbo or an item to be breaded and deep fried, adding this (gooey) little plant to your soup will certainly result in a more dense finished product.

Since its flavor is rather mild, it won’t change the overall taste and you can rest assured it’ll be a safe bet for all your Paleo guests, as well as those who may be following the autoimmune protocol (for which nuts can be a no-go).