They Never Asked What I Was Eating

I popped into a new spa today and had a chat to the aesthetician who was shaping my brows.  

Petite and slim with a glowing completion, I’d never in a million years have guessed that she suffered from horrible acne for years.

She happened to share that with me as we discussed good places to go for different skin care lines, spas in other areas of NYC and beauty regimes in general.

When she asked what line of work I was in and we began to talk food, she gasped when I mentioned how Paleo can create significant improvement in acne and all skin conditions, for that matter.

She confided that in addition to the numerous dermatologists she’d been to, including those who prescribed accutane, tetracycline and laser therapies, she’d explored every possibility one might imagine in an attempt to have clear skin…and none ever asked about her diet.

In the end, a course of potent accutane seemed to have done the trick, so she thought, until she noticed new issues including eczema and lips so dry nothing did the trick to moisturize them.

Her skin now looks lovely from afar, but up close, one can see a hint of scarring, possibly from the many chemical treatments she’d done over the years.

What is wrong with this model of healthcare in which we do not look at food as an integral component of one’s complaints?

How can any medical professional have such a low emphasis on the impact of eating food… or things that are not food.

It’s an absolute shame.

Looking at what you’re eating and how you feel is not actually a radical, new or alternative treatment.  

It’s just common sense.