THIS Coconut Water is to DIE for!

Ok, ok, I know… I've been blogging a lot about coconut lately.  I'll try and hold back for a little while after today's post… maybe.

I just had to write about this brand of coconut water I picked up last week at Whole Foods.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm NOT sponsored or endorsed by any coconut-producing companies so this post is purely just to share something that tastes delicious and comes from a great place, as far as fair trade practice and organic farming.

While doing my big weekly shop last week, I perused the coconut water selection.  I have been experimenting with several of the more readily available brands recently and have quite enjoyed the plain varieties of Zico, Vida Coco, Naked, O.N.E and Amy & Brian.  

There, in a teeny little bottle, nearly hidden behind all the others, was a vessel containing what would be the tastiest I've had so far:

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.  COCO_front_USDA

I bought it and drank it yesterday after I got home from my morning run. 




The flavor!

The color!  It was pink!  (Their website explains that the anti oxidant content can vary the color greatly).

And it's RAW!

MUST MUST check it out:

HERE is the link to their site