Unnecessary Additions

Why is it assumed that one would automatically want certain things with their meal when dining out?

A basked of bread with butter is easy enough to turn away before the server actually even places it on the table but what about sides that come with a meal that weren’t on the menu?

This evening, my husband and I had an absolutely suitable Paleo meal at a hole in the wall en route to one of his events.   Greek salad sans the feta and pita bread, simply grilled lamb kabobs and a half roast chicken to share which came with steamed cabbage and carrots.


But then out came not one, not two but three types of preparation of white potatoes that weren’t mentioned on the menu (shown above).

Aside from being a total waste of plate space as I would have preferred more veg, it’s a waste of cost and time that the cooks spent prepping it.

If only it would automatically be assumed that everyone would want loads of veg!

Oh…the bain of my existence- the overwhelming, omnipresent status of processed, refined carbohydrates with little to no nutritional value and no purpose whatsoever other than stuffing one’s belly.

Who wants to be stuffed?   What are we, couches?

I’d rather keep energized, light, lean and filler-free, thank you very much!