What do you eat during your long endurance rides and runs?

I received the following email from a reader and am sure others likely have similar questions:

Hi, Nell,

 What do you eat during your long  endurance rides and runs? I find that I have to have protein during extended runs since straight carbs in the form of gu or a carb drink  like gatorade (ick!) makes me too shaky, weak and even hungrier. Recently, I've been using a mix of coconut water and whey protein  (plus half water to cut the sweetness). I know that the whey is a no- no on the Paleo diet but it mixes well with the coconut water and it's a better option for me than not consuming protein during long  runs. I have to be careful about what I consume during runs since I  suffer from gut distress if I eat the "wrong" thing. Comments or suggestions?

If I want something solid on long rides, I'll bring along some yam and a little bit of sliced turkey; but I wouldn't do it on a run. Most of 

the time I train just as if I were racing, and stick with just gels & water. Sometimes a little caffeine in the Double Latte Power Gels. 

(I do not have any professional affiliation with PowerBar, but I simply like their vanilla and double latte flavors and the fact that 

they have a really good electrolyte profile. The gels are the only non-paleo item in my diet).

I race Ironman on just PowerGel alone, no gatorade, nothing solid, no bars, and it's served me really well (also with water, obviously, and 

thermolytes to replace the salts I'm sweating out.)I wouldn't personally touch whey with a 10-foot pole as it makes me 

really suffer the consequences with regard to GI distress.

Hope that helps!