Wow, OMG and Brilliant!

Just three of the phrases and adjectives that come to mind after a jam packed full day at day two of Paleo Fx.

It just so happened that the way the schedule panned out was such that I had my own Paleoista presentation, my cooking demo and three time slots in Paleo expert Panel Discussions and I will be honest and share that the way I felt last night before going to sleep as well as how I felt getting up in the morning was not all that different from the way I feel on race day:  I’ve got to perform!

Above and beyond the feeling of wanting to be completely on my A game, though, was the excitement of being amongst fellow Paleo professionals who are practicing what they preach and educating their clients, patients and, sometimes by default, all those around them about the benefits of eating real food and moving.

Sure, there are varying approaches to how one should go about approaching training, modality of exercise, intensity and frequency as well as different approaches to what Paleo really is – dairy or not?   100 % or not?  Treats or not?

Ultimately, if we look at the big picture, what we all share is a common goal to share what we’ve each learned on a personal level with others.  And to  do this, it really doesn’t matter if we’re a doctor, a registered dietician, a coach or… a parent, a friend or a teammate.

Maybe it’s starting with small steps- reaching one person at a time, or perhaps it’s addressing large groups, and the number and size of the groups can grow as momentum increases and each person’s platform builds.

The key take away from me from this fantastic event has been hope of positive change and a reinforcement that we’re all doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing and, even better, beginning to be heard!

Keep on keepin’ on, everyone!!  Honored to be a part of this incredible movement!