Yipes! What IS That Fruit?

I thought it would be (kind of) in keeping with the fact that today's Halloween to write a blog post about a (kind of) surprising/startling (looking) fruit I saw for the first time last week:

Buddha's Hand, also known as Buddha's Hand Citron and Fingered Citron:

 is one of the oldest citrus fruits in the world and has no juice or pulp!  

The zest is extraordinary and the scent is quite strong, in a fresh, citrusy way.

The rind can give an equally citrus-flavor  to sauces or dressings as well as in tea, or other dishes calling for the use of lemon or lime zest.

It's also traditionally used:

a) as a good luck charm in China- it's placed on the table and left to bring good fortune

b) as a laundry freshener

c) as a 'sweet treat'; it's often sliced and coated with sugar and made into a candy

I think maybe I'll just try a bite of it?? 

As much as I love eating a whole orange, you see…