Yogurt- Has it Got a Place in Paleo?

Yogurt.    Rich in probiotics and good for you?

Maybe…or partly, but not really all that Paleo.

Yes, historically, yogurt has been used for ages in different cultures not only as a part of their cuisine, but also for its healing properties stemming from the probiotic content.

But what if you don’t like to eat dairy?

Personally, the resulting effects of eating dairy (congestion and bloating) render it not something I want to include.   In the event that a situation arises when I feel I need to eat some probiotics, such as a few years ago after I finished a course of antibiotics for a case of swimmer’s ear, I prefer a top of the line capsule not sourced from dairy or soy.

If you are someone who makes the choice to include some dairy in the form of yogurt in your diet, at the very least, be sure to use a brand that is really just yogurt.   All too often, we see yogurts that are really nothing more than an usual concoction of low-fat or fat-free milk, gelatin, artificial sugars and flavors and no probiotics!

Of course, I’d recommend not eating the dairy in the first place, but if you’re doing so for curative purposes for a limited period of time, being diligent about making sure that the yogurt you choose really does have the good bacteria in it, otherwise, what’s the point?