Monday recovery day….

Mondays are usually my off day or recovery day from training- today’s workout included an easy, aerobic run and some core strength training.

5:30am breakfast
(same as Friday- I’m usually eating breakfast on the go on weekdays as I drive in to the gym to meet my 6am clients. Because of that, I need something I can easily consume en route! Thus…the homemade protein smoothie!)
Green powder w. vitamins, then the same ingredients go into the blender as on Friday: brewed green tea, flax, soy lecithin, protein powder, organic pumpkin and raw almond butter.

9:00am- meal between am clients
field greens sprinkled w. cider vinegar, 1/4 avocado, 3 oz chicken breast, a tiny mandarin orange and an apple

noon: quick meal pre-workout- 1/2 c organic nonfat plain goat milk yogurt, .5 oz raw walnuts, 2 egg whites (I’ll often hard boil a dozen free range, organic eggs to have on hand as a quick snack. I choose not to eat the yolks simply because I don’t like the texture, and furthermore, I’d rather have some avocado or nuts as my fat source! I save the yolks for our dogs- great for their coats! : )

post recovery workout: banana

afternoon snack: small apple, raw almonds, sliced turkey breast, bell pepper

6pm dinner:
4 oz salmon, baked w. multi-colored pepper, steamed broccoli sprinkled w. extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, cherry tomato, herbal tea and a few slices of that fresh pineapple to finish!