One Simple Thing

Even if you’re not completely Paleo, or if you are but you’re significant other, kids or family are not, there are small measures you can take to make everyone’s diet a little more healthy in little doses.

There are many ‘simple things’ that you can do that would fall into this category.

  • Being the kale-lover that I am, I’d have to start with this tip for my favorite leafy green: add it to your smoothies!  I blogged about this the other week, but honestly, if you throw three or four leaves into this great Paleo meal to go, you’re adding tons of anti oxidants and a great source of calcium.  If you’re trying to please someone who ‘doesn’t like veggies’, they won’t even taste it!
  • Use good fats in cooking.  If, for some reason, you’re still using canola, soybean or corn oil, stop and use coconut for cooking at higher temps, olive for medium and flax for drizzling on afterward.  There’s really  no reason to use those other, awful oils.  Don’t be afraid of a little naturally occurring animal fat, either.  If you’re having a grass fed New York, there’s enough fat on that lovely piece of meat to eliminate the need to cook it in oil in the first place.
  • Eat more berries.  Fresh and local and in season, and frozen from a local source when not.  Throw them in a food processor to make a natural, no sugar added sorbet, scatter them on top of a salad or blend them with lemon and oil for a tangy dressing.  Who doesn’t like berries?

You get the idea.  Creative options like this go above and beyond Paleo, so even those who don’t want to go primal can be placated.