Paleoista Holiday Tip # 18: Paleo-izing Sausage Rolls

One of the traditions in my husband’s family, who live in England, is to serve sausage rolls on Christmas Day.

I have a funny memory of the very first Christmas we spend together; I’d asked Mum, my mother in law, for something special to make for my husband to remind him of home.  Expecting and hoping for an elaborate old fashioned recipe, I was quite surprised when she suggested sausage rolls, and then proceeded to give me the recipe which called for two things:  Pillsbury Crescent Roll Mix and Sausage!

While there are certainly varieties of sausage that can be Paleo, what’s the deal with the pastry?   Can this recipe be paleo-ized?

But, of course!

By using a paleo-friendly flour, like almond, a paleo version is easily created.  While it won’t puff up the way a gluten based flour will, it’s a close enough version, albeit a slightly sweeter one, that will bring back that childhood nostalgia to any Brit…at least according to my husband!

Click here for the recipe!