Race Day, Sunday the 25th

Breakfast at 5am- 3 hours before race start:

Rice & Shine Cereal (gluten free, organic brown rice cereal- I only eat this for breakfast on the day of a race), banana, raw almond butter, flax, lecithin, green powder w. my vitamins; americano afterward

Race PR; 3:13:34 at Seattle Marathon, 3rd Age Group and 6th woman overall out of 6,177 women– woohoo!! hammer gels and electrolyte tabs during- water as I ran by each aid station

post race- unfortunately, not much was offered to the marathon runners, so post-race eating was less than ideal and rather delayed; we had broth and some juice! later some dried pineapple rings. Again- this was NOT the ideal recovery by a long shot!

pm snack: leftover roast chicken and roasted potato from last night; grapes, water, water, water

dinner: seared filet mignon, steamed kale, mache salad and a glass of wine- SO looking forward to getting back to our normal eating and training routine tomorrow- the taper kills me!! : ) It was worth it, though, to PR!

Good night!