Thanksgiving Day

pre-run breakfast at 7am:
green powder w. vitamins, etc… hard boiled egg whites sprinkled w. olive oil & mixed with fresh garden tomato, small banana w. almond butter

1 hour EASY run with pick ups – getting ready for Sunday!

next meal: organic greens with grilled chicken on top, red bell pepper & an apple

Thanksgiving Meal:
green salad, brussels sprouts & broccoli, pureed yams & butternut squash and sliced turkey breast. (Incidentally, just because it’s Thanksgiving, there is no reason to gorge one’s self. Just choose wisely! For me, eating turkey, a variety of veg and some starch fit perfectly with the options I had to choose from on this holiday. No stuffing or bread- as I’ve said before, I am so happy with how we eat, I don’t have any reason to feel like I want to eat in any other way, and the fact that it’s a holiday certainly doesn’t change that!)

Glass of Cab and a sliver of chocolate mousse that I’d made, so I know what’s in it! That’s the treat for the week! : )