Thursday, the 15th

5:30 am- usual breakfast- green powder w. vitamins, then smoothie: flax/soy/lechithin/protein powder/almond butter and pumpkin/green tea

first client sessions of the day, then a 45′ weight training/core session
9:00 am – raw spinach, 3 oz sliced turkey, raw green bell pepper, mandarin orange

noon- apple, 3 oz chicken, .5 oz raw walnuts, baby carrots

swim session– short/recovery day
(3pm)banana afterward, w. 1/2 c nonfat organic plain yogurt (the shoppe was out of the goat milk kind I love!) and 2 hard boiled egg whites

another small meal: 2nd apple of the day (my favorite fruit!), small peice of baked chicken w. a splash of mustard and avocado, 1/2 bottle of Kombucha

dinner time: mache lettuce salad w. grilled ahi and flash sauteed asparagus, single glass of Cab…