Tuesday the 13th

5:30 am- same breakfast shake as Monday and Friday!
9:00 am- meal between am clients: 4 oz salmon and broccoli w. 1/4 avocado (sound familiar? leftover from last night’s dinner!) and an apple
noon- pre-swim (1hour swim) meal- 1/2 nonfat plain goatmilk yogurt, banana, .5 oz walnuts and 2 egg whites
2:30 post-swim/pre- bike (1 hour on computrainer) workout- 1/2 Organic Vegan Foodbar (these are my favorites and there aren’t that many bars out there that I like! It’s 100% raw, gluten free and great for post-exercise. Check out ogranicfoodbar.com!) Espresso.
5p – post bike- 3 oz yam, sliced pineapple, handful of carrots
7:30 dinner at sushi restaurant: seaweed salad, green tea, tuna and salmon sashimi and some eel
‘dessert’ : ) back at home : red and green grapes (about a handful) and some red tea.