Paleo Father’s Day

If your dad is someone who’s hard to shop for and you’re trying to decide on something special to show how much he means to you, why not treat him to a day of Paleo?

Here’s the nice (albeit a little sneaky) thing; you don’t actually need to tell him that he’s going Paleo for the day, particularly if he tends to be on the skeptical side.

Spoil him with a day’s worth of home cooked, by you, Paleo meals running the gamut from all types of veg, prepared in several different ways, a few different proteins, a variety of flavors and spices, topped off with a dollop of healthy avocado or coconut oil.

No need to bring his attention to the fact that you’ve included  neither those bread rolls he says he loves so much, nor his favorite beer.   Focus on what you are offering and let him relax and enjoy the day.

Don’t live close to dad?  How about a Paleo friendly gift basket?  You choose- organic veggies or perhaps a few interesting cuts of ‘exotic’ meat for him to throw on the grill.

Can’t really beat the gift of health!