1-2-3 Cook: Avocado + Egg Over Easy

Avocado Toast is a thing, without a doubt.

But what if you’d rather have something on the lighter side?

Who ever said bread is a must-have, anyway?

Get more bang for your buck in terms of nutrient density by serving this fibrous fat with one of the most perfect proteins: a runny, poached, farm-fresh egg.

Keep your fat burning on high with this one, the latest in my 1-2-3 Cook Series – less than five steps and five ingredients (and often less than three!)



  1. Heat oil in skillet over medium
  2. Crack eggs and cook 1 minute, then flip over and turn off heat (or leave as a one-minute egg)
  3. Gently slide one egg into each avocado half
  4. Garnish with herbs and salt crystals