1-2-3-Cook: Ridiculously Decadent Truffles


Today is my birthday and that absolutely falls into the category of a special occasion.

In my opinion, if there’s going to be a special occasion splurge, it should undoubtedly involve chocolate.

This is one of my favorite creations; six ingredients, a handle of simple steps so easy that the whole family can be involved and since there are equal ratios of all ingredients, you can be the judge of how large or small a batch you’d like to whip up.

Get your own creative juices flowing and decide if you’d like to go the traditional route – rolling the truffles in cocoa power or something a bit more outside the box.   Roll them in cayenne to provide some unexpected heat, toss them in shredded coconut for a bit of crunch, or dust them in sumac for something a bit more out of the ordinary.

Easy to prepare, even easier to enjoy and something that also doubles as a lovely parting gift for the next dinner party you host.

Click here for the recipe!