A Must Read For Inspiration: The Paleo Miracle

Last April, when I had the honor of being a guest Paleo expert on The Dr. Oz Show, one of the most significant takeaways was having had the opportunity to meet with the two guests who’d cured their illnesses through diet.

One woman, Marie, had overcome debilitating MS through Paleo, and the other, Christina, was able to heal her body from autoimmune disease, lose a substantial amount of weight and stop her medications completely.

I find such inspiration from people like the two women mentioned above.  The attitude that they’re not victims and that they can take charge of their own health and allow their bodies to heal is the single most important part of the process; without that belief and determination, there would be no clear path and it would be all too easy to listen to the standard Western Medicine guidelines and suggestions that keeps people sick and medicated.

The Paleo Miracle is a book compiled in part by Christina Lianos and is a must read; either in paperback or as an ebook.

If you need some extra impetus, here it is!

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