A Very Highly Recommended Read- The Wahls Protocol

As the Paleo movement continues to evolve (pardon the pun), we see more and more books on the subjects.  From cookbooks, some of which are Paleo and some of which are more focused on a particular author’s take on it, to the must-haves, such as the work of Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf as well as some written more from the perspective of how this healthy regime has changed lives.

One such book that I cannot possibly recommend highly enough is that of Dr. Terry Wahls, The Wahls Protocol.

By the way, if you haven’t heard about Dr. Terry Wahls, make her the subject of your very next google search and make that search now.

I first learned about her when I was doing some research about how the Paleo diet would fit in with the treatment of autoimmune conditions, specifically MS.    After I began following Paleo in 2005 and learned about how positively it can affect this illness, it became particularly significant to me to understand as my own mom has the very same disease.

I met Dr. Wahls last year at PaleoFx and  had the opportunity to listen to her speak in person, which is even more inspiring than her YouTube Video (also a must-watch).

She shares her history of her own challenges with MS, how it affected her both personally and professionally, how the Western approach to treatment failed to stop the progress and how she ultimately created her own natural protocol to reverse the damage of years of battling with this debilitating disease.

She outlines exactly what to eat, why, how much and includes recipes to boot!  You won’t finish the book wondering how to do anything as it’s outlined there for the taking in its entirety.

Her new book, The Wahls Protocol, is an absolute must-read.

Whether you’re faced with a similar issue, or perhaps you know someone who is, or you simply need a little wake up call to put things in perspective, this book is one that stands out above and beyond and should serve as a foundation of anyone’s Paleo library (or library for health and wellbeing in general!)

What a perfect illustration of Hippocrates’ “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”!