Another Far-from-Paleo Race Goodie Bag

This time it's an Iron supplement tablet, a mini Clif Bar and a tube of peanut butter…awesome!

I'll stick with a huge bowl of raw garlic spinach with an orange for my iron (eaten with Vitamin C, so the body absorbs four times the iron) and of course, a nice piece of rare beef, far better sources of iron than a pill.   Coconut oil in lieu of the peanut butter to use in my signature smoothie and yams to starch up rather than a grainy Clif Bar….I'm all set by myself, thank you very much!

Wouldn't it be cool if there were a race in which the title sponsors were a a fruit, vegetable, meat or fish distrubutor?

Think of something like…

"The first annual "X" marathon, sponsored by "X" Grass-fed beef farms and "X" raw kale"

Daydreaming?  Maybe, but all great ideas start with a dream!