Avocado Varieties

Yes, there are more than two (as in, not just black or green!)  

Once again, I will admit being spoiled by living in So Cal and having several different types grown literally at my doorstep; however, in many other parts of the world, there are just as many, if not more, of this savory, rich fruit available in abundance!

Just a few types to consider are as follows, courtesy of avocado.org :

  • Bacon
  • Fuerte
  • Gwen
  • Hass
  • Lamb
  • Hass
  • Pinkerton
  • Reed
  • Zutano 

One of the best sources of fat for those of us who opt to live Paleo, delicious and versatile, they truly are a must-eat in all of our daily menu!   Make yourself some homemade guac, blend some into a smoothie or cut it in half, scoop out the pit, drizzle some lime in the cavity and eat it with a spoon.  Stand alone, a truly decadent Paleo treat.

Click here for one of my favorite, and easiest preparations, grilled avocado.