Beans Healthy and Natural, Aren’t They?

While legumes may seem to be less processed than grain-based cereals and breads, they are not actually all that healthy, contrary to popular belief!

Legumes (and this includes soy and peanuts, which are NOT nuts) contain anti nutrients, called lectins, which prevent the body from properly absorbing minerals and vitamins in the healthy veggies, fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats you're eating.

In addition, the lectins contribute adversely to gastrointestinal and immune function and worsen auto immune disease, to name only a few downsides to consuming these foods!

This isn't here say; this is but a very short summary of the decades of work done by Dr. Cordain, PhD; if you're new to The Paleo Diet, it's worth investigating further for your own health, and that of your family!

Skip the beans, and…. EAT MORE KALE!!