Blending: The Broth Game Changer

When we think about smoothies, chances are we automatically think of using our blenders to create them.

Similarly, those of us who are on board with the concept of fat coffee, whether following a keto diet or simply because it tastes so good, are also accustomed to using this household appliance day in and day out.

So why is it that for some, the concept of using it for a food (or drink, rather) that we should also be consuming day in and day out hasn’t crossed our minds?

Enter:  the blended bone broth.

When we first launched our broths over two years ago, part of our recipe testing in the commercial kitchen involved just that- blending the broths, freshly prepared, prior to packing them in our signature glass containers.

This is what spawned our delicious Bacon Latte flavor, a serving suggestion of our pork + bacon bone broth, in which, after heating, a shot or two of espresso is added and then the whole thing is blended, resulting in a creamy texture, not unlike a latter.

After achieving such great results with this flavor, we began testing it out on all our other flavors, both on their own as well as with added spices.

And then came the ultimate: blending with grass fed ghee and MCT oil.

Not only is the rich, creamy texture incredibly satiating, by consuming the quick-digesting fat found in MCT oil, the body rapidly absorbs and metabolizes it for fuel, while more of the slow-burning longer-chain fats like that found in beef tallow digest more slowly.

The result: a broth that boosts your energy and keeps you going strong for hours.

Mark Hyman, M.D., calls MCT oil “the secret fat that makes you thin” and states that “MCT oil is a super fuel for your cells because it boosts fat burning and increases mental clarity. (1)

From a mouth feel perspective, since our broths are not skimmed to be low fat or fat free, by placing them in the blender, the fats are broken down and evenly distributed so each and every sip is just as enjoyable as the previous.

One word of caution to the wise:  since not all blenders have a hot setting, start by pouring just a little broth into your blender the first time you prepare it, use a low setting and hold a towel on top of the lid for good measure.

Cleaning up bone broth splatter all over your kitchen would not exactly be the most enjoyable way to experience your very first blended broth!