Does Organic Mean There’s Going to be Bugs?

In a word…yes.  But only once in a while.

A friend reached out to me yesterday after she’d encountered bugs in not one, not two, but three different veggies she’d purchased at Whole Foods, including a prepared kale to go from the salad bar!

Finding  a little bug or worm on organic produce does happen from time to time, and I tend to see that as a good sign, and proof that the place that particular plant hailed from was, in fact, not spraying their crops with pesticides.

Finding a bug in a prepared salad, though…not so appetizing.

Yes, there are those who’d say it’s nothing more than a little extra protein, and I couldn’t argue, but I’d definitely opt not to eat it.

When I do see a creature on a bunch of raw kale, broccoli or whatever the veggie in question may be, it’s just a reminder to be sure to double or triple wash all your produce before you prepare it…unless you’re ok with eating that ‘extra little bit of protein’!